Couture Color

Couture Color

Could there be anything more couture than hair color?

Each person is born with their own unique, dimensional, one-of-a-kind hair color. As we grow into our truest forms and the people we choose to be, we are also able to design the hair color we have always dreamed of. 

I have three core beliefs surrounding Couture Color:

1. Each color should be 100% customized and unique to the person wearing it (hence: couture).

2. Color should look super natural--like you grew it yourself (even if you're wearing vivids!)

3. Hair should be healthy and shiny after the coloring process.

These three core beliefs shape my entire system and process around color. 

Each color I design is 100% customized to you--your skin tone, eye color, face shape, hair density, fashion, makeup style, where you work, what your hobbies are, and your favorite inspirational photos all shape my designs. No two colors are alike, nor should they be. You will leave my studio with a haute couture, Jes! original--created just for you.

In creating beautiful hair color, one must design not only for the present, but for the future as well. Harsh lines of demarcation are out. It is of utmost importance to me that you love your color the day you leave and through every evolution your color goes through between visits. All color will "fade"--even your natural (grays, anyone?). It is important to me that the fade, or evolution as I like to call it, is beautiful and on-tone through the entire cycle. Your new growth should blend as much as physically possible. When we work to create a beautiful blended result in the first place, your maintenance is not only easier in that it looks better for longer, it also means less visits in the salon and more affordable upkeep.

Anyone can slap color or lightener on the hair and call it good. I go above and beyond in every single one of my color processes to maintain and improve the integrity of your hair throughout your color cycle. I always begin with a preparation ritual to rid the hair of metallic and mineral build up that could have an adverse reaction with the color chemicals. I use Olaplex, the only patented bond creator and builder available on the market, in every color throughout our entire process. I finish with an Olaplex No2 treatment during your haircut to perfect and strengthen the disulfide bonds in your hair. I finish every color process with a deep conditioning treatment to ensure shine, bounce, hydration, and softness. My Three Step process to maintain and improve your hairs' integrity is proven time and again, and will set your hair color apart from the others. 

You're worth it.

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