Natural Beaded Rows

What are Natural Beaded Rows?

NBR is, in short, a feeling.

Natural Beaded Rows are the best extension method paired with the best secondary hair and finished with a fully couture a color service to provide you with the ultimate hair extension experience unlike anything else. 

They are the most lightweight, most comfortable, and least damaging method available, while packing the most punch. Most extension methods use glue, tape, or many contact points to attach secondary hair into your natural hair. Glues and tapes can be ultra drying and sticky, while too many contact points increase the potential for stress on the natural hair and breakage. 


Natural Beaded Rows use a beaded track with limited contact points to install the best hair on the market. The hair is available in dozens of colors and textures, and I also customize each piece so the blend between your extensions and your hair is super seamless. 

Many extension methods I've worked with in the past are limited in how much secondary hair can be added, and it seems like no matter how much hair is added, the blend is never quite right. 

Natural Beaded Rows give the most impact while being lightweight and comfortable and least damaging. Due to the nature of the innovative installation technique, much more hair is able to be added. When you can add more hair initially, the Artist has full creative control through the haircut to ensure everything looks incredible. 

I've personally worn many extension methods and I stopped wearing them because nothing matched my color or my natural texture. They all looked like extensions and I felt self-conscious all the time. I just knew everyone could tell I was wearing extensions. 

Natural Beaded Rows are the most natural-looking extensions available. While at my certification training, I couldn't tell who was wearing NBR and who wasn't. The hair just looks the way you've always wanted--long and full with natural movement, volume, and body. 

Are you ready to get the hair you've always DREAMED of? 

Click the link below and I'll see you on the other side. 

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