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Hey Gorgeous!

Thanks so much for checking out my website. For more information about me personally and who I am as an Artist, click here

Your experience with me as a new guest begins with an application. This is the easiest way for me to get to know you and your hair a bit before actually doing your hair. After completing your application, I will contact you for a consultation call. We'll discuss your needs and desires, and my systems and processes as your Artist. If we feel a mutual connection, we feel like we are a good fit together, and I feel like you are a good candidate for the processes you desire, I will extend to you an invitation to experience the luxury of Natural Beaded Rows and / or Couture Color. 

NBR and Couture Color are a feeling--a status symbol, an identifier, and an instant confidence booster. You'll walk taller, you'll speak more confidently, and you'll seduce everyone around you with a magnetic energy that is palpable and contagious. You'll wear your pride on your sleeve for everyone to see. You will become the person that people repin on Pinterest and repost on Instagram. Natural Beaded Rows and Couture Color are those red-bottomed Louboutin heels, that Prada bag, and that slinky Agent Provocateur lingerie all rolled up into one accessory: that crown you never take off. 

When you leave your first service appointment, you'll leave with a personalized Home Maintenance Kit that includes your necessary color and extension care products, as well as some basics to start your styling wardrobe. Your next service date will be determined and reserved, and you'll step into the world a woman reborn, a Phoenix who has risen from her ashes to take over the world one day at a time.

You're worth it.


Are you ready to talk your first step on your journey toward the woman you dream of, the woman you were born to be? Click the link below.

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